Tuesday, January 22, 2013

art fair 101.


So I've been to three ArtBridge Thursdays events so far, and each time I learn something new that I can take away for the next time.

After the first week, I learned to always make sure to take the correct exit, and even if MapQuest says to take a different exit number, sometimes it's okay to go with your gut.  Mine was right, and I didn't trust it the first week. :(

That first week, I tried and was unsuccessful with attaching my banner to my EZ-Up canopy.  And I realized that I needed a container of some type for the various odds & ends of things I need at the art fair.

This is my solution, which I very much like so far:

My handy-dandy shelf thing.  I love having this as a tidy place to keep all my odds & ends at the art fair in one place.

Week two, I took the correct exit and made it to the venue at 4:00, which is the earliest we can begin setting up.  Yea! :)  I brought sticky-backed Velcro to use for attaching my banner, but realized I forgot the banner. :(  I also had a couple new paintings and several small prints that I framed to add to the display.

And I added a business card holder just below my artist bio...

My artist biography, along with my new business card holder. :)

For week three, I happened upon two Pier 1 matching tall director's chairs for an awesome deal.  See?

These two chairs appear to be barely used, with Pier 1 price tags for $50 still on them.  We scored this deal for $13 for the pair at a thrift store last weekend!  :)

I also added a "Shipping Available" and "Giclee Prints $20" sign to one of my walls in the display, as well as a sign showing the credit cards I am able to accept.

Shipping Available, and credit cards signs.  It's a little hard to see here because my track lights caused a bit of glare.

I was able to get my banner up on the canopy.  What do you think?

My ArtBridge Thursday booth, Nov. 10, 2011
We noticed that many vendors brought Christmas lights and garland to get the holiday shopping spirit going.  My daughter had suggested that idea and I had liked it, but didn't get the lights out for last night.  It's on my list for improvements for next week's display.  And I have plans for some Christmas/wintry sorts of paintings.

Last night, looking at my display, I reflected that I have added new paintings and made little adjustments here & there to my display.  This experience is really like "Art Fair 101" for me.  We're getting a lot of practice lately with loading, unloading, set-up & tear down.  :)  Overall, it's been a good learning experience so far. 

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