Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a good learning experience.


In my last post, I called my ArtBridge experience "Art Fair 101".  That has really proven true, as each time I've gone, I've learned & added something new.  Last week, I added some prints to my display, three on stretched canvas hanging on my Propanels, and fourteen in my print bin.  

We were rained out at last Thursday's ArtBridge event after about an hour & a half, but that was a crucial lesson in Art Fair 101, as well.  The side walls of my EZ-Up canopy were much wished for when setting up in Scottsdale, but I had left them at home.  The next day, our garage was filled with nine Propanels and my EZ-Up canopy as they dried out.

My booth on Saturday.  Rain was in the forecast, and having learned my lesson on Thursday, I put up the side walls on my display.  Thankfully, our prayers were answered (!) and the rain held off all day, despite the cloudy skies.

We had a closer-to-home event on Saturday, which was nice after traveling all the way to Scottsdale five times.  I made a couple of sales of prints and am excited to offer them in my etsy shops, as well. :)

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