Tuesday, January 22, 2013

artbridge thursdays


Thought I'd check in after my first art fair last Thursday.  After leaving late and getting stuck in rush hour traffic in Phoenix, I met my husband at the venue and we got set up.  It was a beautiful spot, and although I didn't make any sales, we enjoyed the location very much.  In fact, I just signed up to be a sponsoring artist for the event and have committed to be there for the next four Thursdays (other than Thanksgiving Day, when they won't have an event).

I had read online that people like it when you paint during art fairs.  It certainly seemed to be true, and I plan to bring my painting supplies along each time.  :)

It was a good learning experience, setting up my canopy and Propanels for the first time and just seeing how other people's booths were set up.  I learned a few things that I hope to incorporate over the next several weeks.  Stay tuned for more on that...

JAPANESE MAPLE LEAVES--acrylic paint on 10" x 10" stretched canvas--$50

Lately, I am working on building up my inventory so I have more artwork to offer potential customers.  I've been enjoying fall leaves and have finished a couple more with ideas for one or two more.  I also have a couple other ideas in my head, which you'll just have to check back to see later.  :)

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