Friday, October 16, 2015

how to assemble an art booth.

Today I set up my art display to take a new booth shot to apply for an upcoming art fair.  Since it was only my second time setting up the Craft Hut canopy I bought earlier this year, it was a little hard remembering how it all went together.  I found these instructions on Craft Hut's website, but because a couple things are different about my canopy, part of the instructions were a little confusing.  But we figured it out. :)  (Also, I just found these instructions online and they're even better than the ones I found before.) 

I thought I'd take photos of the process just for fun and also for future reference. 

Boxes of my paintings, waiting to go out into the booth.

The kids & I had assembled the canopy last night (no pics of that part) in our back yard, and this is how it looked at 6:00 this morning when I went out to finish getting it ready for the photo.

Close up of the center support bar, with the adjusting screw things.  Took me a while to remember that those adjusted the width of the center bar.

With the side walls zipped on at the top.

Inside shot before zipping the sides together.

All zipped together with the legs extended.

Note to self: this is how high to go on the legs. :)

A photo showing how the support poles go.

With my Propanels propped up and ready to attach to each other.

Ready for my paintings.

The reason I was up at 6:00 this morning putting my display together is that I had a fellow artist coming over at 7:45 with her Canon to photograph my new booth shot.  It was just the best time to get it done with both our schedules.

The following photos are from her camera as she was adjusting settings.  I'm sure you'll notice the difference in quality...

And here's my new booth shot.  :)

This whole process is making me really look forward to being in some art fairs soon.  Yay! :)

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