Tuesday, January 13, 2015

night at the (art) museum.

Something we love about Phoenix is its First Fridays event on the first Friday of every month.  Art galleries downtown have evening hours and the Phoenix Art Museum offers free admission so that people in the community can enjoy the downtown art scene. We don't make it every month but love visiting the art museum a handful of times a year.  They change some of the exhibits, so there is a bit of variety from month to month.

These photos are from our last visit, in December.

She loves having her photo taken.

In the modern wing of the museum.

This was a mixed media piece with objects such as old books affixed to the surface.

Can you tell my husband just *loves* selfie time? He's a good sport about it.  ;)

Photogenic girl asked me to take her photo by this lady.  (Really quite an impressive painting, a portrait of a wealthy lady long ago.)

Did I mention our daughter loves to have her photo taken?

This enormous painting is one of my favorites in the Phoenix Art Museum.  He is larger than life, and I just love the leeks in his hand and basket.  Such an amazing piece.

I call this "Family Abandoned in an Art Museum."

In the Southwestern part of the Museum. Lots of older Southwestern paintings, as well as more contemporary ones.  I love this.

I suppose it's bad that I haven't acknowledged the artists whose works appear in these photos, but there you have it.  

I can't even begin to tell you how much more I love visiting art galleries and museums now than I did as an art student! (Sometimes I wish I could take those required art history classes again, or at least go back & somehow get the younger me to care more about them.)  I am ever so thankful for the art scene here in Phoenix and am glad we can enjoy it. :)

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