Friday, July 26, 2013

studio tour.

Today, I thought I'd take you on a virtual tour of my studio space.  

Well... truth be told, this is actually a tour of the downstairs of our home, since that's where I do my work.  Our family spends a lot of time in this space, since I homeschool our kids and do a lot of cooking (and obviously painting) here.  And, at the moment, I'm sitting on the sofa on the left, typing on the laptop which you can just barely see in the corner over there in the photo below.

I really like seeing photos of other artists' studios, and sometimes it's fun to dream about having a whole room dedicated to studio space.  But then I think that having a separate studio wouldn't work with the way life looks for us, with four kids still at home, doing school and life here together.  

So... this works perfectly for us, and I am thankful for a family who doesn't mind my art overtaking our life and home.  And a husband who is my biggest fan ever.  :)

Here is our living room/dining area.  It has become quite the gallery lately.  Oh yes, and let's not forget our faithful pooch, Zoe.  She follows me everywhere.

Our piano, otherwise known as the holder of small completed works and canvases waiting to be used.

And here, we actually move into the area we could call my studio.  The kitchen.  Which most of the time has an easel with a painting in various stages of progress on it.

And here are my palettes on the kitchen island.  I am very thankful for that island, both for its intended purpose of food preparation and for its handy location, where it serves as my table while I paint.

Here's a closer shot of two recently completed paintings, waiting to have wire put on the backs for hanging.

Thanks for joining me on this tour of our space.  I hope you enjoyed it! :)


  1. You and I have very similar workspace(s)...only yours is much tidier! I love the Blueberry painting and your dog Zoe looks like a sweetie!

  2. Thanks for sharing your creative space. I have a dedicated room for my art, but it's funny, I find that sometimes I end up with my art stuff spread all over the bench or the kitchen table anyway. It's great to be able to look at your painting even when you are busy and work out where and what to do next with it.
    Love your work.