Tuesday, January 22, 2013

strawberry jam and a painting in progress.

This week has been good.  We had such a flurry-ish weekend that I really needed to take a deep breath.  This week has been nice that way.  Getting back into the normal routine of doing school with the kids and catching up on laundry (it's never-ending, isn't it?), I've taken my proverbial deep breath.  Ahhhhh.  :)

And I have been able to get to a couple things that were sort of "hanging over my head".  For instance, I got inspired last week by a 97ȼ sale on strawberries.  I was so afraid they'd go bad before I got to it, but on Tuesday I made 19 half pints of jam.

I love seeing all those pint jars stacked up in the cupboard.

And I made some good progress on my Beach House-inspired painting yesterday.  I'd been at a sort of slump, inspiration-wise, and hadn't worked at it for over a week.  So it felt great to make some significant progress, which boosted my spirits.  I can do this! :)

Not done yet... but it's a lot closer than it was!

Hope your week is going great, too!  :)

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