Tuesday, January 22, 2013

garden ta-dah.


I recently joined the "Being Creative" project, and the theme for the month of March was "Garden".  I had the idea for doing an acrylic painting with a watering can.  I do realize that March has been over for a few days already, but it wasn't quite done last week.  I just finished my painting today.   Better late than never, right?  :)

IN THE GARDEN, acrylic paint on 18" x 24" stretched canvas.

The color is a little more "true" in this photo.

I really changed this one a lot from start to finish, since I kept changing my mind about what I wanted it to look like.  

Just for fun, here are several shots of the process...

March 16

March 16

March 16

March 17

March 23

March 30

April 2
It was a fun (and sometimes frustrating) learning experience.  I have my next painting in mind, although it doesn't have anything to do with the Being Creative theme for April.  I guess the idea was to help get the creative juices flowing, right?

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