Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I finally finished it.


Here is a painting I'd started a while back and had to stop since I ran out of paint.  Last weekend, the acrylic paints and my new palette knife (for mixing colors) came in the mail, but I was so busy with other things that I didn't get to finish the painting.

I finally sat down on Saturday and finished it!  I must admit, it was rather trying and I was very frustrated at one point.  But my husband reassured me that it was going to be just fine.  And (after repainting everything two or three times) it was.

My new pumpkin painting!

I am pleased with my first attempt at getting into art since college graduation.  It's been eighteen years since I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and I've never tried before to sell art.  It took a while for my entrepreneurial spirit to come out, I guess, in large part due to the success I've had at advertising and managing our vacation rental.  :)  So now, I am working on getting myself "out there" online to try to sell some art.  

My next piece is going to be of luminarias.  Hopefully I'll get that one started this week, maybe on the weekend.  And then I'll need to buy some canvas and stretch some canvases so I can paint some more.  

Hopefully soon, my husband & I will build an easel so I can paint a bit more easily (wow, that almost sounded like a pun!).  For this painting, look at what I used.  I never realized how good I had it in art school, when the easels were provided!  It certainly takes a while to build up a "studio" (for me, our kitchen) with all the necessary and helpful supplies, but I'm enjoying the process.  :)

Like my "easel"?  It's a barstool with old towels on it to protect it from the inevitable paint messes.

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