Tuesday, January 22, 2013

gotta love craig's list.


Will you look at my amazing Craig's List finds we got yesterday?? :)  My husband had taken the day off work yesterday and we'd been planning on going for a drive to explore a bit.  So we got our family drive in and picked up some great art supplies I found on Craig's List the day before.  :)

At a garage sale (advertised on Craig's List), I got this huge canvas for just five bucks!  If you haven't been buying art supplies lately, you have *no* idea what an amazing deal that is...  a 16" x 20" canvas usually goes for that price and this one is at least 2 feet by 3 feet! 

Here it is, below the print it's about to replace. :)  Look at this next pic to see what's even cooler about this canvas...

Look at that edge! 
That unique edge adds even more value to this canvas.... the lady we bought it from said it was worth $90. I know that sounds like boasting, but I think she may have been right. (Not that I would have paid that much for it!)

Now I just have to decide *what* I'm going to paint on this great canvas. :)   M just told me a couple ideas he had, so we'll see what we come up with...

A man posted an ad on Craig's List selling these nine canvases and the easel in the pic below.  He said just to make an offer because they had to go.

Fifty dollars popped into my head when I saw the ad, so that's what I offered the guy, telling him he might be able to get more.  Well, he took my offer, and I got this amazing studio easel, too! 

You may think I'm crazy to have two easels, but lately I've been thinking it would be handy to have two so I can work on two paintings at once.  I always seem to need a break after a little work on one painting, and if I have a second going I can just go back & forth.  
Plus this new easel is huge and will work great with large paintings, and the other is more light & portable so I can take it places if I want to. :)

And after all the art supply hunting & gathering yesterday, I just had to paint for a couple minutes right before I headed up to bed.  (I had to try out my new paintbrush I got for fifty cents at the garage sale, along with some odds & ends of acrylic paints.)  

This painting isn't looking too amazing yet, and has an "oops" from when I caught the painting (while holding a paintbrush full of green paint) as it almost fell on the floor the other day.  No big deal... that will soon be covered up.  :)

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