Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the house of germs.


We seem to have some sort of sickness going through at least part of the family this week.  Our two oldest are both running fevers.  I feel washed out, almost certain that I will soon join them.  Oldest daughter tells me that this is how she felt yesterday morning before the fever kicked in.

So in a few minutes here, I will make a quick grocery-store run for a few miscellaneous things (and a couple of movies from the redbox) before my sickness kicks in full-force.  I had hoped to get started on my next painting today, but that will just have to wait.  I am going to rest today and take it easy with the kids' schoolwork, too.

I have about three or four other ideas for paintings floating around in my head at present, each begging to be painted first.  This happens to be more than the number of canvases I currently own, and more time than I have when you consider homeschooling, managing a vacation rental, and just life in general.  Oh, well... they will just have to wait their turn!  :)

On the positive side, this is more ideas for pieces than I've ever had in my head at once.  Perhaps I have finally found my "niche"... this *never* happened to me in all my five years at art school!  (Thinking of ideas was always the hardest part for me.)

So, anyway, I'm checking out for a while to fight the nasty germs.  See 'ya later...

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