Tuesday, January 22, 2013

my deal of the century christmas gift.


Last week, my husband came home with what he called "the deal of the century".  It was his gift to me, and from the satisfied sound in his voice, I figured it *had* to be something good.  The kids all saw whatever it was, and they all concurred that Mom was going to love this gift!  Our older daughter wrapped it and brought it in.  Honestly, from the shape and size, it looked just like a kids' guitar!  Obviously, that wasn't what it was.

The "deal of the century".  Exactly what I wanted for Christmas, and a really great bargain besides! :) The painting on it is one I started a while back and haven't quite completed yet.
The "deal of the century" was this $65 easel that had been marked down several times.  He got it for $1.94!!  It was EXACTLY what I was hoping to get for Christmas, and we didn't go into debt either, which was the other thing I *really* wanted for Christmas!  :)

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