Tuesday, January 22, 2013

completed works.


In preparation for art fairs coming up this year, I am working at getting more paintings done in short order.  I was able to complete these two in less than two weeks.

Acrylic paint on 28" x 22" stretched canvas.  I may yet "tweak" the hairs in the ears yet, since I'm not 100% satisfied with how they look at the moment.
I need to decide which new painting I'll be starting today.  I have a few ideas, and have to decide *which* idea to do next, and on which size canvas.  More on that later.

I continue to research everything art fair-related (somewhat obsessively).  Today I found a place in Phoenix where I can rent Pro Panel art display panels for a decent price... and I also found a couple people online who had some for sale.  So I may just be able to have Pro Panels for my very first art fair, after all.  This after dreaming all night about spending a fortune on art display panels.  I guess I really *am* a bit obsessive about all of this!)  :)

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