Tuesday, January 22, 2013

finally... the reveal.


I can finally show you some photos of my most recent painting!  It was a quick painting, really, but it was hard not being able to post any photos of my progress until I gave it to my sister-in-law.  I was trying hard to get it done in two weeks, and was able to finish this one in 12 days. :)

Here are some shots of the process...

When Anita told me her idea for a painting for her kitchen, I thought, "Duh! Why didn't *I* ever think of that?" She wanted a still life of fruit in a bowl with the fruit of the Spirit in the background. A very good idea indeed. :)

Almost finished... just had the grapes left to finish up here.

I gave Anita the painting on Saturday... she loves it!  :)

It was fun working on this one and it reminded me of what I was trying to do in my art school years. To communicate something about God through my art. So this was a fun prod toward doing more of that in the future. :)

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